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infrastructure projects

Blackridge Construction LLC is a D.B.E., M.B.E. and L.B.E.

We are one of the top infrastructure construction companies in New York focusing on trucking and hauling of construction soil, gravel, etc.

If you’re looking for a way to move construction materials or debris from one place to another, it’s important to work with a sitework contractor who can safely and efficiently arrange the logistics for your most challenging loads. After all, on-time, dependable door-to-door service and delivery is critical for keeping your project on time and on budget. If you need to move items that are too large or cumbersome to fit on standard flatbeds, including heavy equipment, wide loads and oversized freight, call on us for your specialized trucking and heavy haul needs. At Blackridge Construction LLC, our team of construction experts will help you plan, prep, develop and finish just about any project. Whether it’s prepping a site for development, excavating, grading or something else, you can count on our exceptional trucking and heavy haul services to get your project where it needs to go.

Some of our projects

Location: New York

Unionport Bridge Replacement

Contractors Name: Unionport Constructors, JV

Blackridge Construction LLC provided the trucking and hauling of construction soil and debris while working with Unionport Constructors, JV on this project.

As part of ‘City Hall in Your Borough’ week, Mayor de Blasio’s team and high ranking NYC Department of Transportation officials paid a visit to Blackridge Construction, a minority-owned firm that won a $3.4 million contract on a major DOT construction project: the $226 million reconstruction of the Unionport Bridge.

Among those present at Thursday, January 31 celebration of business and enterprise were Polly Trottenberg, DOT commissioner; James ‘Chris’ Carroll, Blackridge Construction president; Councilman Robert Cornegy, chair of NYC M/WBE, a commission on minority and women owned businesses; Jonnel Doris, senior advisor and director of the Mayor’s M/WBE office and employees of Blackridge.

East side access tunnel

Subway transit

Contractors Name: Tutor Perini

Blackridge Construction LLC provided the trucking and hauling of construction soil and debris while working with Tutor Perini on this project.  This contract provides for the design and build of electrical, mechanical, ventilation, and architectural work as follows: electrical – communication systems, control systems, security systems, fire detection systems, power substations, metering equipment, switchgear, signal systems, lighting, public address systems, heaters, telephone systems, distributed antenna systems, data capture and reporting systems, traffic control systems, monitoring/maintenence equipment, and emergency generators; mechanical – drainage pumps, fire standpipes, fire suppression equipment, and monorail/hoist equipment; ventilation – fans, dampers, controls, and air conditioning systems; architectural – doors, louvers, and handrails. Additonal responsibilities include coordinating this work and requirements with those of the Long Island Railroad, Metro North Railroad, New York City Transit, New York and Atlantic Railroad, Amtrak, and New Jersey Transit. 

The project includes 12 miles of tunnels, 11 ventilation facilities, 62 communication rooms, 79 tunnel ventilation fans, 11 miles of fire standpipe, 13 electrical substations, 29 communication systems, 380 miles of conduit, and 760 miles of cable.

east side access tunnel

Location: New york

86th and 2nd ave Skanska USA Civil

Location: New York

86th and 2nd Ave

Train line

Contractors Name: Skanska USA

Construction LLC provided the trucking and hauling of construction soil and debris while working with Skanska USA on this project.  Skanska is the managing partner of the jointventure awarded a $301 million project for construction of the 86th Street Station cavern portion of the new Second Avenue Subway. The major facets of the project include mining of the cavern via drill and blast methods, followed by construction of the reinforced concrete structural lining of the cavern. Additional work items include building demolition, installation of support-of-excavation elements, utility relocation and reconstruction, and underpinning of existing buildings adjacent to the work site. All work will be performed in the densely populated upper east side of Manhattan, making proper maintenance and protection of pedestrian and vehicular traffic through the area of paramount importance.

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Blackridge Construction LLC has worked with Tutor Perini Corporation since 2008 on 2 projects. They are proven to be reliable, team players and work hard to do whatever it takes to get the work done. They have been flexible to tight work schedules and have worked both day and night shifts without issue. Upon choosing Blackridge Construction LLC, you will see they are well organized and highly professional firm to work with.
christine busey tutor perini
Christine Busey
Tutor Perini
Intricate Construction Inc. has hired Blackridge Construction LLC for trucking and dumping for the past 1 1/2 years. Blackridge Construction has been used on many of our job sites to provide trucking and transporting of material to be dumped. They are professional and responsible company. We have never had any issues with them or been disappointed. If you would like additional information about Blackridge Construction, you can telephone me at (914) 769-1200
john lombardi - intricate construction
John Lombardi - President
Intricate Construction Inc
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